HS-World Language Department

World Language Department

Communication is key. At North Providence High School, we’re proud to say our students are bilingual – and some can speak not two, or three, but four or more languages! We help students hone in on several languages to better understand, converse, and value communication through lingos different than their first language. Our World Language Department encourages students to indulge in different cultures and customs as they learn about different regions around the world at the heart of the languages they’re learning to speak, read, and write. Learning in more than one language fosters creativity, heightens cognitive skills, and strengthens each student’s love and desire to communicate effectively. Language is a craft, and by the time students are ready to graduate from NPHS, they’ve been perfecting this craft – a quality that will help them be better students at higher education institutions, employees in the workforce, and citizens of the world. 

Department Head

Amalia DeAngelis
(401) 233-1150 x3453