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Stephen Olney Elementary

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Anthony Pacitto

Our Vision

SOS is a safe, inclusive, learning environment of trust and belonging, where diverse cultures and

voices are valued and successes are celebrated.

Our Mission

Supported by their families and community members, our classrooms are a place where students and


● Develop academically, socially, emotionally, and personally

● Display empathy and respect for each other

● Collaborate and reflect on the present as they prepare for their future

Welcome Back!

Parents and Guardians,

It is with great excitement that I welcome you back into the Stephen Olney Elementary community. As both a parent and educator, I am well aware of the challenges that we have experienced over the last three school years, and I am hopeful for a return to normalcy.

For the upcoming school year, you can expect your children to engage with grade level content using newer resources from Reveal (Mathematics), Wonders (ELA), and Amplify (Science). They will also have an opportunity to be introduced to topics in arts such as Music, Visual Arts, and Library Media Arts. Finally, we can’t forget about their work within Physical Education and Health.

Students will also be focused on character traits such as Safety, Trustworthiness, Accountability, and Responsibility. These four traits make up the focus of our STAR Buck system. No matter the location or supervision, students will have an opportunity to earn STAR Bucks based on behaviors that exhibit any of the above character traits. Class-wide, these STAR Bucks will be tallied up at the end of each month. If the classroom shows growth from their total the previous month, a class-wide reward will be decided on by the group and teacher. This will be celebrated on the first Friday of the new month.

Along with our STAR Buck system, this year we are excited to implement our STAR Time goal setting system. On the first Monday of every month, each student will meet one-on-one with their mentor. For the most part, this would be their classroom teacher, however other members of the school community will be taking on students to mentor as well. This meeting will be a maximum of 10 minutes long and will help the student to think more deeply about their current progress and what they can do next in order to grow. During each mentoring session, the student and teacher will complete a one pager, which we are planning to send home to you each month, so you have more frequent information about your child’s growth.

Long story short, while I appreciated the ability over the summer to spend time with my own family, I truly look forward to getting back to the work of supporting your children as they grow and learn.

See you soon!

Anthony Pacitto