The goal of McGuire Elementary’s kindergarten program is to foster children’s cognitive and neurological development as well as social and emotional growth. Daily interactive activities in the kindergarten classroom increase children’s independence, collaboration abilities, self-regulation, and self-motivation. Kindergarten students are exposed to a plethora of new experiences, where they learn independently, with groups and their peers, with their teacher in one-on-one instruction, and the class as a whole during lessons.

Grade 1

First grade at McGuire Elementary is a time where students are empowered to take charge of their own learning, and begin to see the real-world purpose for their work in school. Students start to understand the importance of education and the school community as a whole, and begin to understand that learning happens all day, every day. The growth of our first grade students is evident in their confidence, critical thinking skills, and their excitement to contribute to the McGuire Elementary community.

Grade 2

New academic challenges await second grade students in a stimulating environment, where these young learners start to dive into a more diverse academic undertaking. McGuire 2nd-grade students begin to take on responsibility for their lessons, observe more critically, and become passionate researchers and active thinkers. Rapid growth occurs in 2nd-grade classrooms, where students are immersed in a rich curriculum of literacy across all subject areas, learning life skills and the importance of experimentation.

Grade 3

The McGuire 3rd-grade scholastic journey focuses on the understanding of concepts, analyzation, and developing fluency when completing class work. Third grade students shift from learning to read, reading to learn, and develop a sense of autonomy through foundational skills in science, math, reading, and writing. Expansive learning and deep thinking happens in 3rd-grade classrooms, and teachers work alongside students to help guide them in becoming more independent while also building their social and emotional awareness.

Grade 4

At McGuire 4th-grade students become sharper thinkers, more proficient and confident in their abilities, and become excited when learning about the world around them through science, math, writing, reading, digital literacy, and expression. Educators are committed to inspiring students through hands-on learning that applies to the larger world around them. We understand that in-depth workshops, relevant content, and engaging group and independent work empowers students. Students are at the center of their own learning in our classrooms.

Grade 5

Students enter 5th-grade at McGuire with a passion for learning and a yearning for more knowledge, and leave with more defined skillsets and experience in rigorous academics. In their final year at McGuire, students become better readers, writers, listeners, mathematicians, scientists, overall students, and friends. We set students up for success through the elementary years, and prepare them for the rest of their academic careers as they advance to middle school and beyond.

Health & Physical Education

The McGuire physical and health education programs offer safe, nurturing, and respectful atmosphere, welcoming all students to gain understanding of healthy habits in an interactive and fun way. We teach our students the value of sportsmanship, teamwork, and collaboration, key values taught throughout our school that translate well outside the classroom. We focus on each child’s health and wellbeing, and encourage healthy physical and mental habits.


Music education at McGuire Elementary introduces students to music making concepts, music theory, and the art of performing song. We know there are countless benefits when it comes to music exposure in school, and understand that students learn more than notes and musical pieces in class – in this program, subjects including social studies, English, science, and math are also incorporated and taught in a different medium. Students are inspired when immersed in music class, where their appreciation for artists evolves and expands, and they realize their personal musical talent.

Visual Arts

The McGuire Elementary art program, chock full of rich and captivating experiences, encourages students to express themselves in new and creative ways. Students see the impact art has first-hand in this program, discovering their own design and potential, and embracing visual literacy through a variety of art forms. All students develop an understanding that art is everywhere, and form a sense of belonging to the artistic world that encourages individuality and appreciation of detail. We provide our students the opportunity to embrace the joy that comes with making art.