HS-Science Department

Science Department

Make no mistake about it – North Providence High School students are scientists. We take their love for exploring, questioning, and researching, and cultivate the skills needed to make discoveries and educated predictions and find solutions. High school science becomes more complex, and with that, students are encouraged to dig deeper, question more, and think outside the box. NPHS students are the leaders of their learning experience, meaning they direct the experiments, navigate through their own examinations, study to put their knowledge to the test, and take hands-on approaches to project-based learning. We know that seeing and doing is what translates best for students and how they learn, and our faculty members are all in to ensure students are finding answers for themselves and have the resources and tools they need while learning a rigorous and thrilling curriculum catering to students’ interests and passions.

Department Head

Michael Cicerone
(401) 233-1150 x3452