HS- Physical Education Department

Physical Education Department

Health and Physical Education at North Providence High School represents many key elements: Sportsmanship, wellness, self-respect, self-love, and consistency with physical and mental health. Our educators show students the need to facilitate healthy habits, work with a team, and strive to go the extra mile – literally and figuratively. Students learn to appreciate and embrace their health, while better understanding human physiology and body systems. In the NPHS Health and Physical Education Department, no one gets left behind, and everyone is part of a working team to accomplish tasks and learn from them – all while getting in a good workout and lesson about the body. Students take these skills they’ve sharpened and apply them to life outside of high school, and they will reap the benefits of maintaining these learned healthy habits throughout their lives. 

Department Head

Janice DiNobile
(401) 233-1150 x3120