HS- Math Department

Math Department

Math at North Providence High School isn’t your grandmother’s arithmetic lesson. Math courses at NPHS are taught in creative ways to help students learn at their own pace and through methods that work best for them. Real-world scenarios discussed in math classes help students see how math comes alive and how it truly is applicable to all facets of learning in life. We challenge students through hands-on projects and self-directed and blended learning, which combines traditional classroom strategies and embracing digital tools. Students at NPHS know that math is more than “solving for X.” It’s analyzing, double-checking, paying attention to detail, and trying new techniques to find solutions. We show that math incorporates various content areas, including communication, science, writing, engineering, and theory, and that all are important to becoming a lifelong learner. 

Department Head

Maria Branco
(401) 233-1150 x3436