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The world is a canvas for North Providence High School students. Art classes at our school are held to a high caliber of learning, where students study, share, create, and design at a whole new level. We show our students several different mediums to explore, encourage risk-taking art projects, and embolden them to grow through challenging the “norm.” Through art gallery shows, “Unified Arts Night,” and ongoing events during the school year, we showcase student work for the community to see – and each year, the applause speaks for itself. Our talented students learn to branch out of their comfort zones in our art classes, learn about inspirational art influencers, and give and receive helpful feedback from their classmates. Self-directed art learning helps out students grow personally, gain confidence, and invest in themselves as artists of all kinds – sculptors, builders, painters, drawers, or photographers, to name a few.
The Music Department at North Providence High School is certainly noteworthy. A plethora of genres are taught at NPHS, allowing students to dive into their favorite types of music, but also explore and learn a wide range of musical selections. In music classes, students learn theory, technique, posture, and the importance of timing and teamwork. They learn about the fascinating history behind songs, how genres came to be and where they originated, and about different variations of instruments. Students learn to sing melodically with their classmates, perform for various audiences, and participate in classes where wholesome lessons are taught, making a different part of their brain get to work. Most importantly, they flourish with the joy of music, how it brings people together, and how it serves as a communal language..

Department Head

Stephen Morrison
(401) 233-1150 x3458