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Pre-kindergarten at Centredale is where the journey of lifelong learning officially begins – with excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. Our youngest learners are welcomed into a caring, safe, and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and educates the whole child. Through the implementation of the Boston Public School’s Focus on Pre-K curriculum, teachers guide children through their development of new skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving through academic, social, and emotional growth. Centredale educators understand the importance of hands-on learning through play, which yields rapid growth in children.
Teacher: Mrs. Amanda Villucci


The goal of Centredale’s Kindergarten program is to foster children’s cognitive and neurological development as well as social and emotional growth. Daily interactive activities in the kindergarten classroom increase children’s independence, collaboration abilities, self-regulation, and self-motivation. Kindergarten students are exposed to a plethora of new experiences, where they learn independently, with groups and their peers, with their teacher in one-on-one instruction, and the class as a whole during lessons.
Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Gladys Mazo
Mrs. Karen Morrissey

Kindergarten Curriculum
At Centredale, we bring math to students’ fingertips. Our youngest learners may not realize they are mathematicians – but that’s just what they become while counting, measuring, and learning numeracy concepts and mathematical language. Centredale students begin to use terms such as “greater than” and “less than,” learning language, literacy, number sequences, and about shapes and patterns. Subjects are woven together for applicable learning – for example, students may be discussing a flower, but listen closer and you’ll hear more: The children are talking about its shape, color, how it grows, how large it is, and asking about

Grade 1

First grade at Centredale Elementary is a time where students are empowered to take charge of their own learning, and begin to see the real-world purpose for their work in school. Students start to understand the importance of education and the school community as a whole, and begin to understand that learning happens all day, every day. The growth of our first-grade students is evident in their confidence, critical thinking skills, and their excitement to contribute to the Centredale Elementary community.
Grade 1 Teachers
Mrs. Sheila Coates
Ms. Alana Davis

Grade 1 Curriculum
First grade at Centredale is a time of rapid growth in math skills for our students, where students use problem-solving skills in new and innovative ways. Students analyze data, and work on pattern recognition, prediction, space concepts and measurements associated with them in interactive ways that show how applicable math is to everyday life. Most importantly, our teachers work with students to understand how they strategized to find their answers, and help guide them through the problem-solving process. We work with students to boost their confidence when taking on mathematical problems, and encourage them to explain their work.
English Language Arts
Our 1st-grade students are diving in to explore the power of reading and writing with workshops, individual journaling, and chronicalizing life at school and home. Students are empowered to use their imagination, reading and creating stories that take them to faraway places. Educators at Centredale guide children through their story-crafting abilities, and also help students write their first-ever persuasive pieces and written works dedicated to a specific purpose.
Don’t be surprised when your child asks what your favorite reptile is, or the name of your second-favorite dinosaur. First grade at Centredale is a thrilling time for our students, who are learning through hands-on activities, sharing their ideas, listening to their classmates’ theories, and working together in groups to find a collective answer. Sharing the “how” and “why” students found their ideas is essential to further discovery and experimentation, and Centredale teachers encourage children to dig further, question more, and stay curious. After all, they are the next engineers, scientists, and researchers.
Social Studies/History
Students leave 1st-grade at Centredale with an understanding of time – they start to grasp the importance of history, historical figures, and past events, and how that relates to present day. Grade 1 students discuss diversity, how communities evolve, and how the earth’s landscape has changed over time. Educators teach students about important social and historical topics with age-appropriate approaches, and encourage students to ask and learn about why these figures were vital during different time periods and world events. Students also learn more about how they can impact their own communities, their hometown, their school, and classroom, and start to see that they can have an impact on today and the future of their worlds.

Grade 2

New academic challenges await second grade students in a stimulating environment, where these young learners start to dive into a more diverse academic undertaking. Centredale 2nd-grade students begin to take on responsibility for their lessons, observe more critically, and become passionate researchers and active thinkers. Rapid growth occurs in 2nd-grade classrooms, where students are immersed in a rich curriculum of literacy across all subject areas, learning life skills and the importance of experimentation.
Grade 2 Teachers
Mr. Bryan Kachadourian
Mrs. Heather Morrison

Grade 2 Curriculum

Walk into a 2nd-grade classroom at Centredale, and you’ll find students learning to add and subtract for the first time. Our students begin to recognize math in their daily lives, as teachers discuss clocks, and talk about money, travel, and make learning about math fun with games and interactive activities paired with steady practice to further implement these skills. We know that math becomes more complex as students move on to 3rd-grade and beyond, and cultivate problem-solving techniques to meet each child where they’re at with math concepts and strategies.
English Language Arts
English Language Arts is taught throughout the day and woven into all core areas of the 2nd-grade experience. Students read aloud, together, and independently, boosting their confidence level and independency when interpreting text and public speaking. Second grade students become stronger readers, writers, listeners and speakers, through exercises that increase reading comprehension, dig deeper into responses to text, and promote a lifestyle of reading. Students in 2nd-grade begin to self-select literature they enjoy, discover genres, and make connections in text they are reading. Children also take on the roles of characters in these books, and visualize the stories they are reading.
By 2nd-grade, Centredale students are already becoming engineers – testing materials through design, building, and developing with invigorating experiments they work on both independently and in groups. These young learners absorb new information and ways of thinking like sponges, and our educators aim to show students that new information provides links to more questions and theories. Our science classwork weaves in math, literature, reading comprehension, digital literacy and essential collaboration between students and their peers to come up with solutions. Our students grow such an interest in science that you’ll see them acting as scientists outside the classroom when exploring and asking about the world around them.
Social Studies/History
Second grade Centredale students start to study culture in a more in-depth way, learning about relationships between humans and the environment across the globe. In our 2nd-grade classrooms, students develop an appreciation for human customs and traditions, and how they vary from place to place. Students are encouraged by our teachers to share their own stories about their heritage, and are taught to see the beauty in similarities and differences between people.

Grade 3

The Centredale 3rd-grade scholastic journey focuses on the understanding of concepts, analyzation, and developing fluency when completing class work. Third grade students shift from learning to read, to reading to learn, and develop a sense of autonomy through foundational skills in science, math, reading, and writing. Expansive learning and deep thinking happens in 3rd-grade classrooms, and teachers work alongside students to help guide them in becoming more independent while also building their social and emotional awareness.
Grade 3 Teachers
Miss Sherry Lombardi
Ms. Shayla Tourto

Grade 3 Curriculum

Math for 3rd-grade students at Centredale becomes more complex, but with rigorous coursework that introduces place value, multiplication, division, and fractions, comes our educators – who work tirelessly to help students stay on top of the new material they’re learning to work through. Lessons incorporate several skills, including the collection, interpretation, and explanation of data, and real-world math applications. In 3rd-grade classrooms, students use charts, graphs, and tables to visualize the variables being discussed in math problems.
English Language Arts
Reading comprehension is key in Centredale’s 3rd-grade classrooms, where students are aware of the structure of stories and anatomy of books, realizing larger themes, morals interwoven in text, and see the importance of the development of plots. Students grow independently in reading and writing, becoming aware of their own styles and realizing they are empowered when writing – with written word, they can entertain, convince, and inspire. During 3rd-grade, students read chapter books, and over the course of the year, you’ll see the tone of their journals and writing assignments mature and improve.
Walk into a 3rd-grade science lesson at Centredale, and you’ll find students engaging with one another and their teachers, talking about what they’re finding, what they see in a variety of workshops and experiments, and how they can change variables to create different outcomes. While it all looks like fun – which it is – students are also sculpting their own reasoning skills, and are learning through play to answer questions like, “how?” and “why?”
Social Studies/History
Communal understanding as well as global stewardship are taught in 3rd-grade at Centredale. Students explore with maps, text and visuals of different countries, and also work on projects that allow them to learn more about their own family traditions and celebrations. Students also take away an appreciation for how being a member of their own family as well as the Centredale family makes up their identity. Thoughtfully prepared literature and activities directed by educators embolden students to ask considerate questions about heritage, origins, and societal systems. In 3rd-grade, students learn a lot about themselves, and develop an admiration for our interconnected world.

Grade 4

At Centredale, 4th-grade students become sharper thinkers, more proficient and confident in their abilities, and become excited when learning about the world around them through science, math, writing, reading, digital literacy, and expression. Educators are committed to inspiring students through hands-on learning that applies to the larger world around them. We understand that in-depth workshops, relevant content, and engaging group and independent work empowers students. Students are at the center of their own learning in our classrooms.
Grade 4 Teachers
Mrs. Marisa Cotrone
Mrs. Daria Argenti

Grade 4 Curriculum

The foundation of strong math skills has already been built by Centredale educators teaming with students in their education, and in 4th-grade, those traits become much more established. By the time students reach 4th-grade, they not only better understand how to navigate through math problems, but are also capable of helping one another in class. Educators make sure students know “why” these math lessons are such an integral part of learning about the world around them. Students envision how math is incorporated into everything – from the construction of buildings in our community to the relation of speed and time during a race.
English Language Arts
The writing and reading skills of Centredale’s 4th-grade students soar over the course of the school year. With essay writing and more involved reading, students not only read stories through, but also investigate and ask questions while doing do. Our inquisitive students further define their creativity while expressing themselves through written work. Educators help mold students into better readers and writers by using eye-opening literature to constantly show connections to the real world and empower students to embrace their imaginations.
Centredale students in 4th-grade are problem solvers and solution seekers. Children study more conceptual material, and our educators ensure these topics are not only relevant, but something students look forward to learning more about. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home from school explaining how electricity works, how light is formed, or how coding is compiled. Students learn to take everyday objects and study them further, and are encouraged to not only acknowledge challenges as they relate to science, but create their own explanation of how to overcome them. In all subject areas Centredale students are learning in 4th-grade, they are taking away ideas to make the world a better place – through science, answers, and ideas.
Social Studies/History
Centredale 4th-grade students have important questions, and we’re here to help answer them as well as generate their understanding of service in the community, basic government systems, and social responsibility. In 4th-grade, students study historical figures in an in-depth fashion, using research and visuals to present their findings to their peers. Captivating lessons and “journeys through time” allow students to gain further context of how different countries’ government systems operate and how cultures and areas of the globe have changed over time.

Grade 5

Students enter 5th-grade at Centredale with a passion for learning and a yearning for more knowledge, and leave with more defined skillsets and experience in rigorous academics. In their final year at Centredale, students become better readers, writers, listeners, mathematicians, scientists, overall students, and friends. We set students up for success through the elementary years, and prepare them for the rest of their academic careers as they advance to middle school and beyond.
Grade 5 Teachers
Ms. Jillian Kern

Grade 5 Curriculum

In their final year at Centredale, 5th-grade students have become well-rounded learners who have developed a strong sense of deductive reasoning, coding, and calculating. They start to see how data and statistics are used to find answers to complex problems, and gain confidence in their ability to navigate through mathematical equations. Sometimes unknowingly, students have started using more advanced procedures when figuring out math problems – they now understand how to solve variables, and can pinpoint math concepts in everyday life. We make sure our students are well equipped to tackle math classes before they transition into middle school, where more advanced coursework awaits them.
English Language Arts
Our eldest learners, a group of students all younger children at Centredale look up to, have grown exponentially in their confidence levels with reading, writing, and sharing through presentation. They understand the need to always edit their work, and importance of revision. Our 5th-grade students become champions of vocabulary, articulate communication and grammar. In their final year at Centredale, students are eager to learn more vocabulary and dig into their next book or story. We know this puts them on a path to success for continued love for reading and writing, well after they leave the halls of elementary school.
Once students have reached 5th-grade at Centredale, they understand that asking questions about the Earth and its systems is essential to protecting the planet. They are aware of the connections between humans and the natural world, and start to feel more responsible for taking care of their surrounding ecosystems and be stewards of science. Students start to ask more sophisticated questions about biology, ecology, geology, and oceanography, expanding the way their mind thinks about the way things work. Have no doubt – these young learners are the next Einsteins, Edisons, Goddalls, and Curies.
Social Studies/History
In their last year as Centredale students, our 5th-grade learners are guided by our educators through challenging and intricate historical content, and are encouraged to discuss what these stories teach us and how we can grow from them. While they are still young, 5th-grade students are capable of studying and talking about serious moments in history and social movements. They build on their knowledge of the past, while digging deeper into current events to become more compassionate, understanding people. They’re ready for larger roles within the community – at Centredale, their families, their neighborhoods, the town of North Providence, and the world as a whole.

Health & Physical Education

The Centredale physical and health education programs offer a welcoming, safe, nurturing, and respectful atmosphere for all students to gain understanding of healthy habits in an interactive and fun way. We focus on each child’s health and wellbeing, and encourage healthy physical and mental habits. We teach our students the value of sportsmanship, teamwork, and collaboration, key values taught throughout our school that translate well outside the classroom.
Health & P.E. Teacher
Mr. Nathan Dell


Music education at Centredale Elementary introduces students to music making concepts, music theory, and the art of performing song. We know there are countless benefits when it comes to music exposure in school, and understand that students learn more than notes and musical pieces in class – in this program, subjects including social studies, English, science, and math are also incorporated and taught in a different medium. Students are inspired when immersed in music class, where their appreciation for artists evolves and expands, and they realize their personal musical talent.
Dr. Anthony Torelli

Visual Arts

The Centredale Elementary art program, chock full of rich and captivating experiences, encourages students to express themselves in new and creative ways. Students see the impact art has first-hand in this program, discovering their own design and potential, and embracing visual literacy through a variety of art forms. All students develop an understanding that art is everywhere, and form a sense of belonging to the artistic world that encourages individuality and appreciation of detail. We provide our students the opportunity to embrace the joy that comes with making art.
Art Teacher
Ms. Lindsey Hathaway