BW-Sports and Clubs

North Providence participates on an interscholastic basis governed by the rules and regulations established by the Rhode Island Secondary School Principals Association and its Committee on Athletics (RIPCOA).

It is the duty of all concerned with middle school athletics:


BMS Boys Soccer

BMS Girls Soccer

BMS Cross Country 1

BMS Cross Country 2

Our Young athletes learn…

To emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
To eliminate all possibilities which tend to destroy the best value of the games.
To stress the values derived from playing the game fairly.
To show cordial courtesy to visiting teams and officials.
To establish a happy relationship between visitors and hosts.
To respect the integrity and judgment of the sports officials.
To achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game and the standards of eligibility.
To encourage leadership, use of incentive, and good judgment by the players of the team.
To recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well-being of the individual players.
To remember that an athletic contest is only a game–not a matter of life or death for player, coach, school, official, fan, community, state or nation.

Sports Academic Policies

The school committee has made it mandatory for students participating in athletics to be passing all four core area classes, ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies with a 65% or better in order to participate in sports.

To be eligible at the beginning of a marking period, the student must have done passing work in the previous marking period in those subjects that, if failed, would prevent his/her promotion or graduation at the end of the current year.

1. The final grades of the previous academic year shall be considered the criteria for academic eligibility at the beginning of a new academic year.

2. A student who is retained in a grade because of academic failure but remains eligible relative to age will be considered academically ineligible for the first marking period.

3. In the case of a student who devotes a considerable part of the summer to making up subjects failed during the school year and receives credit toward promotion/graduation for this make-up work, that student shall be entitled to count such credit toward eligibility provided this credit is made an official part of his/her school record during the first week of the fall term. In case a student fails to complete the minimum scholastic requirements for athletic eligibility at the end of a quarter due to unavoidable absence, the student shall be ineligible for the next quarter until these requirements of the proceeding quarter are made up.


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