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Good Morning,

Recently schools all across the state, and the nation, have seen a significant increase in students possessing and using vaping paraphernalia in schools and on school grounds. While middle and high schools have seen most of this behavior, it is important to address this with your children, even in elementary school.

Vaping and "juuling," as it is also known, is dangerous for young, developing bodies. We work hard to educate students about theses dangers, just as we do for other harmful substances such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. To assist in this education, we are fortunate to have a relationship with various community organizations who have presented to our students about the dangers of vaping over the past school year. In addition, we address the topic in our secondary school Health curriculum. However, we need parents to assist in these efforts.

Not only is vaping dangerous for growing adolescents, the use of such items on school grounds violates state law (RIGL 23-20.9-5) and school policy. Further, the use of these devices in bathrooms makes it unpleasant for students to use facilities during the day, which is unacceptable. Administrators and teachers try to be vigilant about this issue during school, but it is a problem that we all need to address collectively with our children and students.

Please talk to your children about possessing and using these items, not only in school or on school grounds, but in general. They are expensive and dangerous items, made available to your children at any local convenience store, online or in "smoke shops."

Attached is information that you will find useful about the subject. Please read the information and share it with your children. We must work together to keep our children safe and healthy.

Thank you.

Joseph B. Goho, Superintendent

North Providence Public Schools
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Welcome to North Providence School Department

The Mission of the North Providence School District, as an urban ring community with a strong neighborhood identity which recognizes its individual and cultural diversity and its sensitivity to the needs of the community, is to educate its students in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment for successful entry into industry, business, or higher education by providing them with 21st century skills in academics, communication, technology, and the humanities, holding them to high expectations, and recognizing the needs of individual students in order to ensure they become productive and contributing members of a global society.


    North Providence School Department

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