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Special Education Office

Special Education Director
Cynthia Vanavery
(401) 233-1100 Option 5

Special Education Secretary
Denise DeCesare
(401) 233-1100 X 11122

Special Education Clerk
Linda Potvin
(401) 233-1100 X 11115

Out of District Supervisor
Jane Sciotti
(401) 233-1100 X 11117

Early Childhood Programs (Child Outreach, EI Transitions, Preschool)
David Radcliff
(401) 233-1100 X 11118

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Rhode island Parent Information Center
Rhode Island Department of Education
National Technical Assistance Center on Transition

Classroom teachers alone cannot assume the responsibility for the many services that children need. Specialists include the school nurse, the doctor, the dentist, school psychologist, social worker, the reading teacher and the librarian who assist the classroom teacher in attempting to meet the educational needs of each child.

Specialists also contribute to the curriculum in such fields as art, library, science, music and physical education.  They serve to help teachers in units of work in which particular equipment or special skills may be needed. 

The administration and teachers believe by working together, we insure the best education for all children. 

The Special Education Department services special needs children who qualify for this program.  These children are provided a full range of services.  Referrals to Special Education are initiated through the school Educational Evaluation Team. 

Every student during the first year of enrollment in the school shall be screened for speech defects by a trained and qualified person.

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North Providence School Department

2240 Mineral Spring Avenue
North Providence, Rhode Island 02911
(401) 233-1100