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English Language Learners

NPSD’s English Language Learner program supports students who speak other languages, are learning English, and who may have recently moved to the United States.

  • Federal regulations mandate that schools assess English language learners each year in grades K-12.
  • Rhode Island is a member of WIDA, a multi-state partnership that has created an English language proficiency test called: ACCESS for ELs (Assessing Comprehension and Communication State to State for English Learners).
  • ACCESS for ELs is administered each year to any student who is receiving EL support and/or any ELL student who has been waived from EL programming.  The ACCESS scores are used to determine the ELL students’ proficiency levels and progress in English language acquisition.
  • Scores are used to drive instruction and services for the next school year and provide important data that enhances instruction and learning in supports for ELs.
  • When an EL student reaches English proficiency determined by the ACCESS score and other exit criteria, he/she will exit the ELL program and be monitored for two years by an ELL specialist.
Please review our ELL program brochure (see below).
For further questions, please contact:
Enid Jackson, ELL Administrator, by email at  or by phone at 401.233.1100.

ELL Contact List 2020-2021

Assistant Superintendent/ ELL Director Louise Seitsinger
North Providence School Department
2240 Mineral Spring Avenue (401) 233-1100 Ext. 11106

North Providence, RI 02911


Fax: (401) 233-1106




Anke Steinweh

S: 233-1150 ext.14240


Birchwood Middle School/ Coordinator


Enid M. Jackson (​ ELL Specialist/ Coordinator)

S:  233-1120


Greystone/Whelan School



Alexandra Puleo (ELL Specialist)

S:  233- 1130 / 233-1180


McGuire/ Greystone Schools



Jennifer Kolleck (ELL Specialist)

S: 233-1160/233-1130


Centredale/ Stephen Olney Schools

Beata DeConti (ELL Specialist)

S:  233-1145/ 233-1160



Ricci Middle School / District

Lori Drolet (ELL Specialist)

S: 233-1170  ext. 15545



North Providence School Department

2240 Mineral Spring Avenue
North Providence, Rhode Island 02911
(401) 233-1100